Your Team Asheville

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Dr Cliff Feingold

My parents moved to Asheville when I was three years old. Now at the grand young age of 72, I […]

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Alex Cobb

Originally from Rutherfordton, NC in Rutherford County, I knew from a young age I wanted to work in law enforcement. […]

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Andy Ledford

You’ve probably never heard of me because I’m just a regular guy. I go to work every day, eat dinner […]

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Doug Brown

When I was a kid, my siblings and I knew there were a few rules we had to follow. Don’t […]

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Contract for Better Government

THIS Contract for Better Government is made by and between Your Team Asheville and the Citizens of Asheville North Carolina and is dated this the 24 day of January 2022.

WHEREAS The Citizens of Asheville, North Carolina, are in need of elected officials pledged to unify a fractured city with bold leadership and solutions to a wide array of urgent issues that are affecting the safety and welfare of our citizens; and,  

WHEREAS Asheville’s current leadership is out of balance and burdened by a one-party government which has consistently failed our citizens in terms of transparency, public safety, and fiscal responsibility; and,

WHEREAS Asheville’s current leadership apparently believes that they are accountable to no one; and,

WHEREAS Asheville’s current leadership refuses to engage in dialogue with concerned citizens while important questions go unanswered; and,   

WHEREAS Team Asheville is about change. It is about strong leadership. It is about transparency. It is about public safety. It is about fiscal responsibility. And it is about true representative government.

WHEREFORE, Team Asheville hereby covenants, agrees, promises, and pledges to the citizens of Asheville that if elected:  

  1. Team Asheville will be a government that works for all citizens, not just the few. 
  2. Team Asheville will protect the safety of all our citizens by respecting, defending, and refunding our law enforcement heroes. 
  3. Team Asheville will offer meaningful solutions to resolve homelessness in Asheville by supporting the successful homeless Veterans model. This model provides a safe, stable environment, with emergency shelter, transitional housing, bridge housing and permanent supportive housing with a host of supportive services by the Charles George VAMC for health and mental health services designed to end homelessness. The model for Veterans leads to employment, permanent housing, and self-sufficiency. The Veterans model services utilize a wide range of trauma informed care, clinical therapies and engage trained veterans service organizations and volunteers. It is fiscal sound resolving about 40% of homelessness that could be applied to the other 60%. We support enhanced technical tools for better collaboration, i.e. the Homeless Management Information System.  
  4. Team Asheville will provide our citizens with transparency and fiscal responsibility with respect to, among others, costs to cover and remove the Vance Monument, costs for the restoration of damages to businesses and architecture caused by radical protestors, the allocation and spending of the Covid relief and American Rescue grant funds, City School expenditures, Reparations, and the upcoming State Opioid Response grant.
  5. Team Ashville will encourage and support parental involvement in the education of their children and in local school board decisions especially with respect to, among others, issues related to curriculum, diversity, and spending.  
  6. Team Asheville will enforce our laws regarding destruction of public property, unlawful assembly, panhandling, vagrancy and illegal camping. We will vociferously insist that our District Attorney pursue vigorously ALL crimes. 
  7. Team Asheville will return Asheville to a business-friendly city by supporting the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce, the Asheville Downtown Association, the West Asheville Business Association and our local businesses and will adjust burdensome fees and taxes, and remove restrictions that inhibit growth. 

Signed this the 24th day of January, 2022.


Dr. Cliff Feingold, Mayor

Doug Brown, City Council

Alex Cobb, City Council

Andy Ledford, City Council